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Quality Screen Repair Services Near Salem MI

If You Need Screen Repair Services In Salem, Diamond Window Cleaners Can Help!

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Diamond Window Cleaners was established in 2003, and we quickly became the area's leading quality window cleaning service. This was achieved due to our quick response times, expert professional service, strong attention to detail and our unique ability to satisfy our clients with quality work.

We are not satisfied with our cleaning services unless you are! To guarantee the highest level of cleaning services, we constantly monitor our work and should any area fail to meet our strict office standards, it will be corrected immediately. And of course, we always encourage customer communication and use your input to heighten our level of cleaning services.

Glass Repair & Replacement Services Throughout Salem

Do you have the need to replace one or several panes of glass in your home or office? We can help you there as well. Our relationship with a local glass manufacturer allows us to provide you with low cost solution to your glass needs. If you have a broken glass window or a window in which the seal has failed and is too far gone to "de-fog", or even a tempered glass unit that is developing fog between the glass, then our glass replacement specialists can have your problem solved relatively quickly.

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The ordering of the glass unit takes about a week, and once available, we schedule your replacement for the next available day that is convenient for you, if that suits your schedule. You will not be able to find another local glass replacement specialist who can give you such quality service at such a fair price!

Foggy Window Repair In Salem

Every year, hundreds of thousands of windows in the US lose their integrity due to seal failure. Leading the way in complete window care, Diamond Window Cleaners offers moisture removal for failed insulated glass units (IGU). Our process involves the installation of patent-pending Micro-vent technology that permanently eliminates moisture while restoring the window's clarity and insulation qualities.

Now let's look at what actually makes a unit fail. There are several reasons for seal failure in an IGU. One could be poor manufacturing. Another could be damage during transportation of the IGU. Another could be poor installation or even settling of the physical structure. However, most frequently it is what is known as "Solar Pumping" that causes an IGU to fail. Or more simply put, the cycle the window goes through when the sun heats the glass during the day and then cools off at night. The constant cycle of expansion and contraction eventually create a weak spot in the seal between the glass and the aluminum spacer.

When the "fog" begins to appear, we can apply our de-fogging technique and remove the fog from between the glass. This is best done, and we have a better chance of success, when applied early on. If too much time has passed with a failed window the chances of successfully correcting the problem by de-fogging become slim. So keep an eye on your windows and call Diamond Window Cleaners at the first sign of "Foggy Windows".

Experts For Your Screen Repair in Michigan

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With the pleasant summer weather upon us, getting fresh air through the house is a relief. But keeping the bugs out is a must! Do you have window or door screens you need repaired? We can re-screen any window or door screen with material to match.

Has your pet scratched through you sliding glass door screen? No problem. We can even provide you with a heavier duty screen that the typical cat or dog cannot scratch through.

We now offer mobile screen repair service. That's right. We come to you and repair your screen right there on the spot. If it is a typical re-screening of a window or door screen, no problem. However, if you need work on a frame, that is something we will need to take with us, complete the repairs, and return to you within a few short days. We can even remove the screen that needs repair, do the re-screening and replace the screen in the window or door. We make it easy on you. Minimum re-screening charge of $24 per screen applies. But the cost of larger screens will be determined by the size of the screen.

If you need Screen Repair services for your home or business in Salem, Diamond Window Cleaners can help! We have been in business since 2003 helping residential & commercial customers, and would love to help you too! Don't hesitate to contact us to see why we're the best Screen Repair company in your area!