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Screen Repair Michigan

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      *On Site Repair Service
         *Custom Window and Door Screen Building
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Solar Screens
With the pleasant summer weather upon us, getting fresh air through the house is a relief.  But keeping the bugs out is a must!  Screen Repair in Michigan is offered by Diamond Window Cleaners.
Do you have window or door screens you need repaired?  We can re-screen any window or door screen with material to match.  
Bent frame, no problem.  
Broken corners, no problem.
Sun rotted screen, no problem.
Has your pet scratched through you sliding glass door screen?  No problem.
We can even provide you with a heavier duty screen that the typical cat or dog cannot scratch through.
Is the screen for your sliding glass door getting harder to roll?  No problem.
We can provide new rollers if necessary or it may only need an adjustment.
Our experts can take a look at the situation and let you know what would be the best way to handle it.
NEW SCREENS – Need a whole new screen built for an existing window?No problem.  However, there is no such thing as a “standard size” window, so each of our new screen frames are custom built to fit your exact window size. Our window screens are constructed with aluminum frames and mitered or 90 degree corners to provide you with long-lasting durability and beauty.
We now offer mobile screen repair service.  That's right.  We come to you and repair your screen right there on the spot.  If it is a typical re-screening of a window or door screen, no problem.  However, if you need work on a frame, that is something we will need to take with us, complete the repairs, and return to you within a few short days. We can even remove the screen that needs repair, do the re-screening and replace the screen in the window or door.  We make it easy on you.  Minimum re-screening charge of $24 per screen applies.  But the cost of larger screens will be determined by the size of the screen.  We will let you know the costs before we do any work.
Give us a call so you don't have to live with those broken screens another day!