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Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning is our specialty.  Knowing how to treat the owner, windows, furnishing, flooring and landscape make us your best choice for window cleaning.  Not everyone and every situation is the same and we consider your needs prior to even making the appointment.
But isin't window cleaning easy?  If it was, all us window cleaners would be out of a job.  Fact is, window cleaning, to be good at it, requires, patience, skill and an in-depth knowledge of the glass surface you are working on (as well as some skills as an acrobat perched on top of the ladder).
Most people think they can clean their own windows with no problem.  Squirt the hose on it and, bam, your done.  If that is your definition of cleaning windows, you just did more damage to your windows than you could possibly imagine.  How could that be you ask?  Well, did you know that tap water has minerals in it?  When water dries on glass, the spots you see left behnd are the minierals from the water.  Kind of like your spotty dishes from your dishwaser.  The minerals in the water, after it dries, are left behind and show up in the form of spots.  If that happens often enough, the build-up gets to the point that the minerals begin to embed themselves in the glass and will then need to be scrubbed off.
The surface of glass is not smooth, contrary to popular belief.  If magnified, it actually has high and low areas similar to the peaks and valleys of a mountain range.  The mineral deposits settle into the valleys and begin to build up.  Unless the water sprayed on the glass is removed with a rag or a squeege, the problem will continue to get worse until the entire glass surface begins to develop a haze which can eventually be permanent.
Diamond Window Cleaners, being a professional window cleaning company, uses professional products and tools, so we can do a world of good for your windows, and it generally lasts longer than when when the homeowner cleans the windows themselves.
Here are the top reasons, we have found, that our customers hire Diamond Window Cleaners to handle their window cleaning: (In no particular order)
  1- "It never looks good when we do it ourselves.  You guys do a great job."
  2- "I just don't have the time.  It would take me all weekend where    
       Diamond Window Cleaners can have it done in a few short hours."
  3- "I don't want my husband up on a ladder any more. And don't tell my
       husband this, but you guys do a better job anyway."
  4- "We can't reach the high windows.  Diamond Window Cleaners has all
        the right equipment to get the job done easily and it looks great, too."
  5- "Our cleaning staff will only reach up to 8 feet.  Diamond Window
       Cleaners can get even the highest glass cleaned, no problem."
  6- "Diamond Window Cleaners is focused on the window.  Not like other
       window cleaning companies who also do holiday lighting, landscaping
       or other non-related activities.  We want a company who is a
      "real window cleaner".
  7- "You got an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and that made all
       the difference to us."
  8- "Diamond Window Cleaners has a very professional looking website.
       All the others did not look as professional to us.  There is a lot of good
       information on your website."
  9- "You are the only window cleaning company that answered the phone
       the first time I called.  I called five others and got an answering
       machine each time.  I prefer to talk to a real person when I call."

Rain Guarantee 

Some customers ask us to postpone their window cleaning until after a forecasted rain (as if the weather man is ever right!) or if we have a rain guarantee or what we do if it rains during our scheduled appointment.  Some have even asked us to postpone the cleaning because “it looks like it will rain sometime this week”.

(Wow!  It’s going to rain sometime EVERY week.  If that were the case, every window cleaner would be out of work, permanently!)

To all these questions…we have an answer…and even a guarantee.

First let’s examine why windows may seem to be dirty after a rain.  If your windows have not been cleaned in some time, dirt, dust, bird droppings, sap and a host of other pollutants have probably accumulated on your windows.  So when it rains, that rain water simply streaks that “dirt” right down your windows.  The rain water is not necessarily dirty, the dirt is already on your windows.

Now if it rains during your scheduled cleaning, well…we don’t really like to get wet either.  We watch the weather closely and if it appears that the rain will stop shortly, we will take a break and try to wait it out.  However, there are times that we decide it would be in everyone’s best interest to reschedule the appointment.

When we clean your windows, we remove the dirt…the glass is clean.  We also use commercial window cleaning products that contain additives that help your windows stay clean longer.  So if it rains after we clean your windows, the dirt is gone and the superior quality products we use allow the water to sheet right off the glass.  After a few rains, your windows will still look clean.

So…this is the exact reason we are confident that we can offer this “Rain Guarantee”.

If it rains on your windows within 24 hours after we leave your window cleaning appointment, and you are not satisfied with the way they look, we promise to return and re-clean the exterior of the affected windows at no charge.  It’s that simple.

Here is the fine print…

  • You must call us within 48 hours of us leaving your appointed cleaning.
  • Only exterior windows will be re-cleaned.
  • Your window screens must have been cleaned by us.  (When we clean your screens, we do a thorough job.  So there is not dirt left on the screens to be washed back onto the window glass when it rains.)
  • Homeowner is responsible for removing screens, if necessary, prior to us arriving to re-clean.  If the screens are still on the outside of the widows when we arrive, our crew will not wait for the homeowner to remove them.  (We are sure you understand how this can delay the cleaning.)  If you ask us to remove the screens, there will be an additional charge.
  • We reserve the right to select what method and tools to be used to perform the re-cleaning. (Please rest assured that whatever method or tools we use will be standard professional window cleaning tools and techniques.)

So there you have it.  A simple, straight forward and honest guarantee.